Great brows are as good as a facelift! Eyebrows are the key defining feature on your face, and when shaped correctly can add a youthful, lifted appearance to the face. Balance, symmetry and a touch of perfection all play an important role in creating the perfect eyebrow and there is no one size fits all approach for our clients.


This is the most natural form of cosmetic tattooing and the perfect starting point for most. Created with a fine needled hand tool, delicate strokes are placed behind existing hair growth to mimic the look of extra “hair”. The result is a naturally full eyebrow. This style is best suited to those with a fine to full natural hair growth over most of their brow area, those who want to achieve a natural look and those who have dry to normal skin types. It is not ideal for very oily skin types with large pores, mature skin, or sun-damaged skin.


Ombre is fast becoming the ‘IT’ brow to have. Created with a digital tattoo machine using a single needle to build up shadowing through the brow area. Ombre brows can be tailored to suit any look from soft, misty and natural to fully defined brows by simply customising the number of pixels in the skin. Ombre brows describes the process of keeping the front and top sections of the brow lighter, while the underneath and tail of the brow are darker and fuller. This style of brow suits every skin type, particularly mature and oily skins. If you love the look of a fresh tint or henna brow this may be for you!


The best of both worlds! A mix of feathering at the beginning of the eyebrow provides a soft natural start to the brow, blending back into a more defined, denser look with shading. Perfect for those who have little to no hair in the tails of their brows, those who love a little extra oomph in the back end, or anyone who simply prefers this look.


Lip Blush tattooing is becoming more and more popular. Gone are the days of the harsh lip liner tattoo which rendered you having to apply lipstick constantly to hide it….enter a soft, borderless lip blush tattoo. Created with a digital tattoo machine and fine needle, colour is misted into the lips to result in an added depth of colour, corrected asymmetry and a slight fullness and definition. This is perfect for almost everyone, however if your lips are wrinkled, scarred or you have dark pigmented lips please contact me to discuss further before booking.


Jess is a well-renowned specialist in her field who is skillfully trained and well practiced in her art.


(Inclusive of 8-10 week touch up)

(Inclusive of 8-10 week touch up)

COLOUR BOOSTS (Available to existing clients ONLY)

Brow and lip pigment will gradually fade in the skin over time and it is recommended to have colour boosts to ensure your shape and colour remain beautiful. Colour boosts for brows are generally between 12-24 months, and for lips 24-36 months apart. Please note we do not do colour boosts prior to the 12 months for skin health purposes.

BROW COLOURBOOST – $500 (single session)

LIP COLOURBOOST – $500 (single session)

** Additional perfecting session on any area is $100 *